My Fanfiction

I have written 22 Fanfictions in English



My Love is Free

How Can I


When Jaejoong Experiments Turned Wrong

A Thousand Years of Love

If Loving You is A sin (English Ver)


A Baby Change Everything

[Collab fic with babyangelholic]

Hard To Say I Love You


Why?/Hug (Yunjae)

Yunho, Make Me Feel Good (Yunjae)

26th December 2011 (Yunjae)

That Guy With A Green Umbrella (Yunjae)

Isn’t He Lovely (Changkyu)

Can’t You See (Yunjae)

5 Things You Should Know About Shim Changmin (Changkyu)

Forget-Me-Not (Changkyu)

Thanks To (Changkyu)

Of Striped Shirt And Changkyu (Changkyu)

Ice Cream (Yunjae & Changkyu)

23:45 (Changkyu)

桜の花びら (Sakura Petals) (Yunjae & Changkyu)


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